About books

3D-CG Tool Practice
3DCG tool programmnig.

3D-CG Tool Game Create Practice
3D game programming.

3D game development and rendering
Java applet programming.

WPF3D Programming
WPF game programming.

Win32&DirectX9 easy 3D game
VisualC++2005, Win32 and DirectX9 game programming.

Flash3D game develop
Adobe Flash CS3 3d programming.

Microsoft XNA 3D game develop
XNA Game Studio 2.0 3d programming.

Flash10 3D game develop
Flash10 3D programming.

How to make game SNS
ASP.NET and Silverlight programming.

3D IQ spot the difference
Spot the difference in 3d from different angle.

Flash Lite keitai contents
FlashLite programming.

OpenGL ES Android 2D/3D game programming
Java Android programming.

HTML5+JavaScript+CSS+WebGL 3D Web contents
HTML5 and JavaScript programming.

JavaScript programming.

Flash 3D
ActionScript3 programming.

HTML5+WebGL 3D web site [iOS8/Android] Vixar Cartoon
HTML5+JavaScript+css+WebGL web site